Jim Murphy

A native of Norwood, Massachusetts, Jim Murphy was born in 1947.  Encouraged by his parents, he absorbed himself in drawing as a child.  As a young man he studied at Massachusetts College of Art, graduating in1969 with a bachelor’s degree in fine arts.

After a nearly 30 year hiatus from oil painting he returned to the discipline.  He has found his most stimulating and satisfying painting experiences in  the coastal areas of outer Cape Cod, Cape Ann, and Maine; the wooded hilltowns of Western Massachusetts; and in the mountains of Vermont,New Hampshire, and Maine.

Jim Murphy is represented in Massachusetts by the Rockport Art Association, Rockport; North Shore Arts Association, Gloucester; and in Vermont by Elaine Beckwith,Jamaica. 

When not painting en plein air Jim paints and teaches at his Standing Stone Studio in South Ashfield in the hills of western Massachusetts.

“Jim Murphy’s painterly realism shows the influence of Hopper’s simplicity and structure, with the color and brushwork of American Impressionists. Working in plein air from Connecticut to Nova Scotia, he interprets his native New England in all of its seasons.”

                                             — Craig Srebnik

I am  delighted to be teaching a landscape workshop on the Beara Peninsula. When asked to describe my motivations and approach to painting. I am reminded of what the essayist, lecturer and poet Ralph Waldo Emerson said:

   “There seems to be a necessity in spirit to manifest itself in form. Indeed, in conversations with painter friends I’ve heard the following expressed:

     “The need to paint is like an itch that needs scratching.”

      “I told myself that the world needs more  paintings.”


As for myself,  it never occurred to me not to paint. In the act of painting I’m examining my reaction to being out in nature: alone by the ocean, atop a mountain, or running along a trail on a fogbound island. 

                                                                                             Jim  Murphy   

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